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Natural Light – Piano Solos – Exclusive Digital Download

NATURAL LIGHT is deLise’s first album as featured soloist. Of the compositions, deLise says, “For me, the impetus to create music can come from many places: my surroundings, life’s events (good or bad); or, simply, the urge to play with this or that pitch collection, time signature, or rhythm. Mostly, I make music I want to hear. Music helps me […]

The Professional Songwriter

In the overcrowded world of “how to” books on songwriting, The Professional Songwriter stands out as unique. This book is designed to prepare the aspiring songwriter with the musical wherewithal and the business acumen needed to succeed in today’s bloodthirsty world of composing on-demand. In a single text, composer Louis Anthony deLise seamlessly synthesizes the sometimes-separate worlds of the music […]