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Natural Light

Just Released!

NATURAL LIGHT is deLise’s first album as featured soloist. Of the compositions, deLise says, “For me, the impetus to create music can come from many places: my surroundings, life’s events (good or bad); or, simply, the urge to play with this or that pitch collection, time signature, or rhythm. Mostly, I make music I want to hear. Music helps me celebrate life’s ups and tolerate its downs. Making music usually helps me feel better about my circumstances. It is, indeed, my original balm of first choice. So it is with Natural Light.”

Louis Anthony deLise

Natural Light

Contemporary New Age and Neo-Classical

Mosaic (album version featuring Nancy Rumbel) 4:24
In the Edge of the Water (piano solo) 3:45
Spring Rain (album version featuring Jeff Oster) 4:30
Variations on Moonlight (piano solo) 3:51
Early January 2:43
And Then She Was Gone (piano solo) 3:06
Autumn Twilight (album version featuring Nancy Rumbel) 2:49
American Darkness (piano solo) 2:46
Winter’s Chill 4:33
But Not Forgotten (piano solo) 2:26
Natural Light 4:34

What people are saying about NATURAL LIGHT­

“Natural Light… draws you in and lets you revel in its marvelously rich layers… Listen to this album with not just your ears but with all your heart.” Ricky Kej, Grammy® Award-winning composer

“Amazing musical experiences… MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED… gets my “PICK” for “most reflective and powerful album.” Dick Metcalf, editor,
Contemporary Fusion Reviews

Natural Light is Louis Anthony deLise’s first album as featured soloist (piano), but don’t let that “first” status fool you! Dr. deLise has spent a lifetime working with a dizzying number of top-notch artists within a jaw-dropping variety of music genres. Immersed in music ranging from pop to chamber, choral and orchestral, deLise has developed a unique musical voice capable of expressing anything he chooses. Natural Light is beyond beautiful!” Kathy Parsons, MainlyPiano.com

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