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A Gift of Moments



A Gift of Moments …the highly-anticipated second album with Louis Anthony deLise as the featured artist…

– Kathy Parsons, MainlyPiano.com

About A Gift of Moments 

The title, A Gift of Moments, comes from something a friend wrote about her deceased husband. She described their too-short time together as, “a gift of moments.” (Time with someone you love is always “too short,” isn’t it?)

Since February 2020, (since I’ve been locked down at home with my patient and loving wife, Theresa), like the rest of us, I’ve been reminded each day of just how delicate life is. My friend’s comment about her lost love has gradually revealed itself as a worthy title for the collection of music I was creating during this time of lockdown. All of the pieces on A Gift of Moments are in some way about love: of a mate, of family, our way of life, and those beliefs we consider particular to us.

The recordings on A Gift of Moments are personal to me: the music is from my heart. I performed and recorded most of it myself and wrote every note that others performed. The compositions are varied in style as they encompass musical gestures reflective of the many disparate musical traditions alive in my soul.

With this unapologetically sensitive, perhaps even nostalgic, music of mine I intend to blur the arbitrary boundaries of genre classification, like classical or pop; ambient or orchestral. That’s all OK with me, too.

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