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The Professional Songwriter

The Professional Songwriter Book Cover
The Professional Songwriter

In the overcrowded world of “how to” books on songwriting, The Professional Songwriter stands out as unique. This book is designed to prepare the aspiring songwriter with the musical wherewithal and the business acumen needed to succeed in today’s bloodthirsty world of composing on-demand. In a single text, composer Louis Anthony deLise seamlessly synthesizes the sometimes-separate worlds of the music business…music and business.

Fully Explained

  • Scale Formulas
  • Chords and Chord Progressions
  • Popular Song Forms
  • Melody Writing
  • Lyric Writing
  • Latest Trends in Songwriting
  • Music Business Cast of Characters
  • Who to Know; Who to Avoid
  • Sample Agreements


  • More than 90 examples
  • Six new interviews with industry leaders
  • Recipes for success; Methods to Monetize
  • Dozens of references
  • Complete glossary of terms
  • Coordinated playlist of examples on Apple Music and Spotify