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Partial list of songs that use the I—vi—IV—V or I—vi—ii—V chord progression as their harmonic basis

Heart and Soul (Carmichael and Loesser) Stand by Me (Ben E. King) Blue Moon (Rodgers and Hart) Earth Angel (Williams, Belvin, and Hodge) Stand By Me (Ben E. King) Duke of Earl (Gene Chandler) Loveable (Sam Cooke) Jesus of Suburbia (Armstrong, Dirnt, and Cool) In the Aeroplane Over the Sea (Neutral Milk Hotel; Mangum) Eternal Flame (Hoffs, Kelly, and Steinberg) […]

Ten Commandments of Songwriting

These are not the… Ten Commandments of Songwriting They are, however, rather significant observations made, not by Moses‘ musical director, butby Dr. Louis Anthony deLise Many, many very successful songs in popular styles… Have a melody and lyric that are its principal focus, Have musical phrases that are balanced, Have musical phrases that are in even groups of measures—most often […]