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Book: The Professional Songwriter

Mainly Piano – Kathy Parsons (11/22/2019) The Professional Songwriter is a very complete and easy-to-understand handbook/textbook intended for those who aspire to become professional songwriters (as opposed to hobbyists, although there is plenty of valuable information for them, too!). Written by Dr. Louis Anthony deLise, an award-winning composer, record producer, arranger and conductor, the book covers everything from basic music theory […]

What Does a Music Producer do?

Reprint from Careers in Music – Louis Anthony deLise, 13-Nov-2019 And, if they ever got paid even a little bit for performing or they ever visited a recording studio session, they called themselves professional musicians or studio musicians. But, if all it took was owning an old Stratocaster or a pair of Regal Tip sticks the music business would be […]