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Commissioning New Music

  The commissioning of a new piece of music is an exciting and rewarding experience. Louis deLise accepts commissions for new works based on his general workload and availability. To discuss the commissioning of a new piece for you or your ensemble, including fees and your requirements, please write: info@BocageMusic.com

Working With a Professional Producer

  Ever since I first heard the playback of my first string and horn arrangement recorded at a large studio, I was hooked! I love recording! Making great music sound magnificent is my professional passion. The philosophy that undergirds all of my production work is simple: Create recordings I want to listen to. Period. What’s it like to work with […]

A Songwriter’s Music & Business Tune-Up

Reprint of MARCH 30, 2020 BY MUSIC CONNECTION By Dr. Louis Anthony deLise I recently had the distinctly distasteful experience of going shoe shopping. I dislike shopping for shoes. Most stores don’t carry my size, and, if they do, their selection is usually a choice between ugly and bad looking. But while last week’s adventure did not yield a new pair of kicks, […]

What Does a Music Producer do?

Reprint from Careers in Music – Louis Anthony deLise, 13-Nov-2019 And, if they ever got paid even a little bit for performing or they ever visited a recording studio session, they called themselves professional musicians or studio musicians. But, if all it took was owning an old Stratocaster or a pair of Regal Tip sticks the music business would be […]