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Commissioning New Music

  The commissioning of a new piece of music is an exciting and rewarding experience. Louis deLise accepts commissions for new works based on his general workload and availability. To discuss the commissioning of a new piece for you or your ensemble, including fees and your requirements, please write: info@BocageMusic.com

Working With a Professional Producer

  Ever since I first heard the playback of my first string and horn arrangement recorded at a large studio, I was hooked! I love recording! Making great music sound magnificent is my professional passion. The philosophy that undergirds all of my production work is simple: Create recordings I want to listen to. Period. What’s it like to work with […]

A Gift of Moments

Now Available! A Gift of Moments…The title for my new collection of pieces I recorded during the quarantine, A Gift of Moments comes from something a friend wrote about her deceased husband. She described their too-short time together as, ‘a gift of moments.’ (Time with someone you love is always ‘too short,’ isn’t it?) Buy the album on your preferred […]

A Songwriter’s Music & Business Tune-Up

Reprint of MARCH 30, 2020 BY MUSIC CONNECTION By Dr. Louis Anthony deLise I recently had the distinctly distasteful experience of going shoe shopping. I dislike shopping for shoes. Most stores don’t carry my size, and, if they do, their selection is usually a choice between ugly and bad looking. But while last week’s adventure did not yield a new pair of kicks, […]

On his latest album entitled Natural Light, Louis Anthony deLise infuses neoclassical and contemporary instrumental motifs with subtle atmospheric jazz.

Candice Michelle/ Aural Awakenings “On his latest album entitled Natural Light, Louis Anthony deLise infuses neoclassical and contemporary instrumental motifs with subtle atmospheric jazz. Featuring Nancy Rumbel’s wistful wind instruments and Jeff Oster’s sensuous flugelhorn on a couple of cuts, Natural Light gracefully alternates between minimalist solo piano and understated ensemble pieces comprised of pensive yet leisurely melodies, which often […]

Interview with Louis Anthony deLise, January 2020

Mainly Piano – Kathy Parsons (Jan 2020) Louis Anthony deLise released his first album as a solo artist, Natural Light, in 2019, but he is no newcomer to the music industry. He has worked “behind the scenes” on a staggering number of recordings by other artists in a wide variety of music genres as a studio musician, a composer, a conductor, […]

Counter Culture Season 2 Ep. 18

Season 2 Episode 18 | 28m (Air Date: 01/07/20) Megan Schulz, Champion on Jeopardy, and Dancer with Old City Sweethearts; Louis deLise, Musician and Composer, worked with Philly Pops and other notable orchestras and singers; Travis Wolfe, Founder, WolfeMPowerment, also a Sgt. With Philadelphia Police Dept.

The Professional Songwriter will be a priceless treasure for any dedicated songwriter who wants to launch a songwriting career…

Making a Scene Magazine – Richard L’Hommedieu (12/7/2019) The Professional Songwriter is a textbook aimed at writers who are dedicated to being successful as a songwriter. It is essential reading for anyone in that position, although it might have been better divided into two books, one about music theory and one about the music business. This is due to the difficulty […]

Book: The Professional Songwriter

Mainly Piano – Kathy Parsons (11/22/2019) The Professional Songwriter is a very complete and easy-to-understand handbook/textbook intended for those who aspire to become professional songwriters (as opposed to hobbyists, although there is plenty of valuable information for them, too!). Written by Dr. Louis Anthony deLise, an award-winning composer, record producer, arranger and conductor, the book covers everything from basic music theory […]